virginia tech anniversary

Please take some time to pray for the students, faculty, staff, and ministries at Virginia Tech. Wednesday will be the one-year anniversary of the massacre there – April 16, 2007.

Wednesday will be a “Day of Remembrance” on campus.

You can see my posts from my time there last semester right here. Included are links to information about the tragedy and aftermath, as well as all I learned and saw while I was there. It continues to be one of the best experiences of this entire trip.

While a lot of prayers may be pretty obvious to pray this week, here are some requests that might not jump to mind immediately:

  • …for this year’s freshmen and transfers to Va. Tech. How weird to be newcomers to a community that has been shaped so dramatically by this event.
  • …for wisdom and balance for both Christian students and their ministers. Knowing how to deal with tragedy, for Christians, is always so hard. You want to be others-focused but need to deal with your own pain, too. You want to recognize what God has done, but mourning and sadness are appropriate right alongside.
  • …for celebration among Christians of what God has done in their midst over the last year.
  • …for God to remind students of truths they may have learned a year ago.
  • …for the unity among ministries that sprung out of the tragedy to be even stronger today than it was then.

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