trecc #7: full circle sabbath

Today was a Sabbath.

Yes, I’m still TRECCing across the U.S. – through 5 states today, in fact. I even got to wander Notre Dame’s campus, which is obviously a treat. One more day of the TRECC to go.

But like I’ve tried to do most weeks of this trip, I chose to take today “off,” to have a Sabbath instead of my usual super-busy day.

Some of you may be thinking, “How do you really relax and ‘take the day off’ when you’re driving?” But you might be surprised – there are plenty of ways to take-it-easier-than-usual when I’m on the road.

Others of you may be thinking, “Isn’t every day on the road a do-nothing sort of today?” You, too, might be surprised. I’m pretty good at staying busy, even when interstating.

Sabbath has always been about trusting God, right? It’s trusting Him enough to rest my body AND mind (which I need), even though there are a million other things I could be doing. And on this ridiculously “unbalanced,” extreme trip I’m on this year, I’ve come to appreciate a Sabbath all the more – even though I have to force myself to really stick with the relaxing, each and every time.

So in keeping with that theme, this post is short. While I could certainly write at length, I’ve got to take the day semi-off here, too.

But one note, before I close.

I was startled by how significant it was, personally, to drive back through Chicago today. As my first – and longest – stop on this trip, that city means a bunch to me. To see that skyline – and even to see the specific locations I had saved on my GPS pop back up… this really made me happy. What an amazing trip I’ve had! (And I feel like I’m so much BETTER at it than I was back then!)

But something else brought me full-circle, too.

Just a moment ago, I wandered the campus at a little school called Grove City College in Grove City, Pennsylvania. I will attend Chapel here in the morning, then move on to North Carolina.

I’ve been on this campus before, though – during a winter weekend in 1998. I visited Grove City with my dad and my buddy Jake, because this was one of the four colleges to which I applied.

I still remembered the chapel building here; I didn’t remember how classically beautiful the entire campus is. I remember snow and visiting a dorm and watching the Super Bowl and wondering if this is what God had for my future.

He didn’t. Well, He didn’t have this for my undergraduate college experience. But to come back here on one of the crazier adventures imaginable, all because I caught the Collegiate Ministry bug (and call) at the college I did wind up at – Texas A&M… Well, it’s a full-circle sort of experience. Or at least it feels that way at 3 in the morning.

I’ve been pushin’ hard to see as much as I could, and I’ve had some pretty late nights recently. But the conference starts soon. And my Sabbath is still in effect. So, goodnight.

If you have a cool band and want the coolest band-name ever, call it “Full Circle Sabbath.”

TRECC stats

  • Today’s T-shirt: Simpson University
  • Today’s states: 5 – Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania
  • Miles driven today: 777
  • Campuses visited today: 2 – Notre Dame University & Grove City College
  • Total TRECC states: 11
  • Total Trip states: 37
  • Total TRECC miles: about 2,823 miles
  • Total TRECC campuses: 8
  • Total Trip campuses: 99
  • Time left until start of College Metro in Wake Forest, NC: 1 days, 5 1/2 hours as of 3:30am Eastern Time

Written from the campus of Grove City College, Grove City, PA


  1. Jen

    I’m kinda jealous that you were back at my alma mater today. I really loved those years and that chapel! They built several buildings in the last few years, so it was cool to see them last fall. It was the first time I’d been back on campus since my brother’s graduation in 2001!

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