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As you may remember, I mentioned a few days ago I would soon be taking an unusual next step on this Exploring journey.

And a few weeks ago, I mentioned I might have a special “Blog Event” coming up.

Well, today is that day! Actually, it’s both days. Wait – it’s not two days. Just one day – today. One day in which both days are accomplished. Two birds, one stone. Stone equals Day. Get it?

Anyway, today I launch the most random part of this road trip yet – but it’s a step that’s rather necessary if I’m going to make it to the College Metro conference by April 16th. Over the next week, I will be driving the Nissan from

Portland, Oregon


Wake Forest, North Carolina

So this moment inaugurates the Terribly Random Excursion Cross-Country (TRECC) portion of my year-long exploration of Collegiate Ministry across the U.S. In this case, it’s very definitely across the U.S.

I have a full 7 1/2 days to reach the other side of the country – short enough to require some heavy driving, but long enough to allow for plenty of collegiate explorations along the way!

But there’s more! So that you can take part in this adventure-within-an-adventure with me, I plan to blog nightly during the TRECC. I’ll be recapping each day, including a few more details of my activities than I usually record. It’s a Blog Event!

[Here are the blogs from the TRECC]

Hopefully it will be fun, and it might even be a good time to introduce new friends to my crazy trip. Of course, you could also just skip this week at the Exploring College Ministry blog, and I’ll be back to normal blogging soon enough.

But be sure to check in occasionally, ’cause I might just slip some “normal blogs” in this week, too. I have an awful lot of Collegiate Ministry info to share after exploring up here! Emerging churches like Mars Hill, Reed College, college ministry here in the Great Northwest, and probably the most influential church for Collegiate Ministry in the country – these topics are all rattling around in my head right now. What a great part of this trip.

At 2:51pm on Tuesday, April 8th, I’m now leaving for the East Coast. My mileage for the trip is presently 20266.

Oh, and nothing between here and NC is planned yet; I get to do that along the way. (Feel free to give me some ideas!) I’ll include more details on how this is gonna work tonight – in the first TRECC post. [You can see that post and start the TRECC right here.]

Written from Reed College, Portland, OR


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