On the way out of Seattle last night, I reached 20,000 miles!

That’s right – from Dallas to Chicago to Atlanta to Boston to the South to San Diego and then all the way up the West Coast to a weird Northwest circuit – 20,000 miles of itinerary in my Nissan Pathfinder.

All in hopes of changing the world. Because if we ALL did awesome college ministry for just five years and then stopped, we would still change the world for the next fifty years, right?

I figure the 20,000 mile point is a good time to note that this YearLongRoadTrip isn’t “sponsored” by anybody. Yes, some great people (including some new friends along the way) have stepped up to help with about 1/5 of the estimated trip cost. Thank you, thank you, thank you to those who have given – financially or otherwise – along the way.

The rest of the payment for this trip involves me taking out loans. Even my textbook store, which helped a little bit last semester, isn’t in operation at the moment.

So what does that mean?

Pray like crazy, for one thing.

I am not “independently wealthy,” so this whole trip was always by faith from the very beginning, simply believing I was called to take this trip this year. But as Tax Day approaches… as it looks like I may need to take out another loan… and as I still plan on about 4 more months of this trip… I’m reminded of the financial need. So please just pray that God would provide for this trip, now or later, however He sees fit! Through prayer, we all get to join in on His eventual provision!

Meanwhile, if you’re interested in helping financially, EVERY little bit means a lot. Even a gallon of gas or a few bucks for Taco Bell helps. Money, gas cards, and food cards are, of course, ultra-helpful on a road trip. (Do they make Motel 6 Gift Cards?) And what you give can actually be tax-deductible!

But I know that most of the readers of Exploring College Ministry are college ministers and college students. None of us have huge funds for supporting Mission Trips. At the same time, though, you might have connections to generous people – people who would love to hear your passion for helping Collegiate Ministry, and who might want to help make Collegiate Ministry better for their church, their alma mater, or their kids, grandkids, or great-grandkids.

What if you asked them about helping? Or, if you would rather connect me directly to such people, I would be glad to send them a letter, write an email, or give ’em a call.

You can find out more about HOW to support, WHY I’m on this trip, and how MUCH is needed at the Support the Trip Tab at the top.

Thank you for your prayers – and thank you to all those who have already provided love, money, lodging, meals, coffee, fun, and friendship along the way. It has been one amazing trip, and it could just help change the world.

Written from Motel 6, Portland area

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