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I feel like tonight’s “public interview” at the Purple Door went well! Good questions from Steve Lewis, the Director, and good questions from the students and other residents here. Oh – and I felt like God gave me good recall, and some good ways to say things. Hopefully. I guess you can ask the audience…

Thank you so, so much for your prayers. Please continue to pray that I would speak about my trip in ways that glorify God, impact others, and… make sense!

Meanwhile, an update about my schedule:

Monday morning, I’ll be back in Portland for a couple of days. I’m excited to connect with a couple of things I didn’t get to connect with last time. Then, on to North Carolina.

Yep, North Carolina.

A cross-country trip. I have to be there by the 16th, so I’ll have about a week of drivin’ and explorin’ from Oregon to Wake Forest, NC. Craziness. And it’s very much up to God what He wants to let me explore along the way. It should be a blast – and I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

Finally, as I sit here, there’s a lot of commotion outside this place (The Purple Door), which is situated right in the midst of the Greek System houses here at UW. (The building itself used to belong to Delta Upsilon, in fact.) What an amazing place to have a ministry!

Thursday is the crazy night around here, and there’s a toga party (yeah, a real-life toga party) going on at some house on our street right now.

I need to remember this is ultimately why I’m on this trip – in hopes that through me or others, more and more college students like these might come to find the stories God writes for them. Many of the students I will see tonight – and those I’ve seen on 90 campuses – aren’t living that story yet. In all the interviews I do and church services I attend, it’s easy to forget.

There’s nothing like a good walk-amongst-the-multitudes, praying along the way, to wake you up to the needs around us.

Hopefully I’ll be reminded of these things tonight.

And hopefully I won’t end up in a toga, duct-taped to a tree.


I did not end up attached to a tree, which is good. And even better, God did indeed touch my heart anew for these very normal students who are seeking life like anybody else. (It’s amazing what a prayer walk can accomplish.)

I got to be reminded that the end of a thing is certainly more “reality” than the beginning (Ecc. 7:8), as the perky and cocky happiness of the beginning of the night ended for some students in a slow, lonely, dangerous, stumbling walk home… in confrontations with police… in a visit by the fire trucks. And that’s just what I saw. Sigh.

[Apparently even before I got out there some guys had beat up a homeless man – and basically at the main UW entrance, in fact.]

It’s good to be reminded, ’cause it’s really easy to forget. Even as a college minister.

Written from The Purple Door, Seattle

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