more sharing needs more prayer-ing

I have the opportunity tomorrow night to chat about my trip with a group of students and leaders who stay at the Purple Door, the collegiate housing ministry where I’m staying this week. The Purple Door’s “Inter::mission” program connects these students in a learning community, often bringing leaders from the community (or beyond) to chat in the very small setting. A cool program indeed.

And I’m honored to be that guy this time around!

But, as other times I’ve had these sorts of opportunities on this trip, it’s a little daunting. The longer I travel, the easier it is for what is now 90 campuses, 31 states, and hundreds of explorations to blur together. Sure, I’m taking great notes. But that’s no help when standing in front of a group…

So if you think about it, please pray for my time tomorrow night with the students and their leaders. Pray for recall, for impact, and for favor with them. And more than anything, pray that God would be glorified through all this testifyin’.

Likewise, I’ll be speaking (briefly) about what I’ve seen at the upcoming “College Metro” conference of college ministers between April 16th – 18th in North Carolina. How do I boil down 8 months into 15 minutes? I don’t know – but God does! So as that approaches, too, please pray for direction on what to say, and glory and impact when I say it.

Thanks, friends! I so, so, so appreciate the prayers.

Written from The Purple Door, Seattle

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