flurries of flurries

All trip, I’ve felt pretty skilled at my weather-negotiation. I headed north (from hot Texas) last August, catching the move into autumn in Chicago. I slipped back south from New England as November was getting underway, just as it was getting a little chilly for my taste. And after the Winter Break, I headed out to Sunny California through that point at which March had already come in like a lion.

So I thought I was safe, skilled at negotiating the seasons and locations across this broad country. Little did I know, it was all just waiting…

Commute to Pullman

That was my commute on Thursday. This is the highway between Moscow and Pullman.

Gonzaga snow

And those are the humongous snowflakes at Gonzaga University in Spokane on Friday. March 28th. It may be hard to tell, but many of them were over quarter-size. Really and truly.

I saw snow today, too, still falling from the sky. On March 30th. It’s basically summer, and it’s snowing.

Everybody up here seems rather surprised at it all, too, so at least I’m not alone. It’s funny hearing Northwesterners be annoyed with the very weather they have helped propagate… or something like that. Anyway, we’ll see if the snows make it into April. Kinda fun for a Texas boy.

Written from The Purple Door (my “home” in Seattle)


  1. Jake

    That is a cool picture. I am glad to see that Old Green is getting a taste of weather across the country.

    Have you seen those Ice Road Truckers shows on Discovery? That is exactly what that looks like. How fast could you go?

  2. I’ve seen commercials for it. Luckily I wasn’t hauling anything but a healthy load of T-shirts and books.

    It wasn’t that awful speed-wise, really. It probably ranged from 20 to 50 m.p.h., depending on how straight the road was…

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