one line of one chapter

I praise the God whose adventure story includes a day

that begins

with driving a new friend to the Seattle-Tacoma airport at 4:50am

and ends

with sitting upstairs in a warm farmhouse in the middle of the snowy hills of Genesee, Idaho:

with old friends,

new friends,

a new state,

2 college towns,

Mexican food,

and a Bible study with strangers (no longer)

in between.

He is one phenomenal Author.

Written, indeed, from Genesee, ID

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  1. Jake

    For those of us not in the college ministry realm, it is very nice to get a few posts like this thrown in. It is neat to hear what is going on in College Ministry and to hear your thoughts, but sometimes it is great to just hear how the Lord is working things out for you on this trip.

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