ways to pray, & tim keller at Stanford

Howdy, friends!

I’ve made it safely to Seattle and already got to go to the launch of Mars Hill‘s new Downtown campus yesterday. Since then, I’ve been hangin’ with my old pals from HSU at a ministry called the Purple Door, right next to the U-Dub campus.

So cool!

But, I could really use prayer this week in a couple of areas:

  • I’m pretty stinkin’ worn out, maybe worse than I’ve been on this trip so far. I’m nervous I could get sick, and I just haven’t had enough sleep recently. I’m working on it, but it’s tricky this week.
  • Second, please pray for scheduling questions. While this week Spring Break groups are here (and it’s great being here!), next week UW is on Spring Break. So that makes exploration tough… Meanwhile, other campuses (either back in Portland, maybe, or Wash. State and U of Idaho) are possibilities for next week. So I’m trying to figure all that out. (Any suggestions?)
  • Third, please do pray for opportunities to connect with people here. There are a lot of hopeful contacts – both in these Spring Break trips and otherwise – and God has already been providing good connections. Just please pray that everything pans out!

If you know of any Spring Break Mission Trips with college students up here in Seattle, please let me know!
Also, Tim Keller’s video from Stanford is apparently up! You can find those here:

Tim Keller “Belief in an Age of Skepticism?” lecture at Stanford
Q&A session at Stanford

The Keller lecture is probably awfully similar to the Berkeley one (click here for that link). However, the Q&A is different – I know that firsthand.

Enjoy! (And thanks for the prayers.)

Written from The Purple Door in Seattle

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