red port and sea this week

Time for an update.

So here’s the plan for my next step, as I leave the Bay Area and – Wednesday night? I think? – California altogether. (Which, really and truly, I’m gonna miss a whole lot. This state has been a fantastic portion of my trip.)

[Like I said, after a weekend of finishing my thesis, the blogs are comin’ at ya’ quick as I catch up a little.]

The Sched. (tentative as always):

  • Tuesday the 11th: 3 back-to-back-to-back interviews, maybe some time in San Francisco, then up and out of the Bay Area, headed toward Redding
  • Wednesday the 12th: Simpson University in Redding, then on toward Portland (with maybe a quick stop at U of O)
  • Thursday to Sunday: Portland, it is. George Fox University, Reed College, churches, ministries, and whatever adventures God wants to provide! All smooshed into four days.
  • Sunday the 16th: on to Seattle! I’ll probably be there for a couple of weeks, right up to the end of March. Good times in a city (and state) I’ve never seen – with plenty of cool Collegiate Ministry things to see.

Meanwhile, I’m hoping for a couple of interesting “blog events” here in the next few weeks. Should be fun if it works out. More news when the time comes.

So now you know. And knowing is half the battle.

Written from Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA

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