i need your help!

As you know, it looks like my next big stop is Seattle! I’ve never been up thataway, and I’m excited.

One big reason for the timing of Seattle on this Road Trip is to explore a very interesting portion of Collegiate Ministry – the receiving of mission trips. I already know of a couple of college groups taking Spring Break mission trips to Seattle, and I’m pumped to see the impact, connect “behind the scenes” with those receiving these groups, connect with those ministries to learn what they’re doing, and even (hopefully) join in serving Seattle!

In fact, I would throw anywhere in Washington or Oregon to the list, because I never know where I’m gonna end up driving to over the next few weeks.

But like I said, I only know of a couple of groups headed this way. That’s where you come in…

If you know of ANY college ministry taking a mission trip to Washington or Oregon (especially Seattle) between now and the middle of April, please let me know ASAP!

This can include Christian groups from Christian colleges, secular colleges, churches, campus-based ministries – even students road-trippin’ up to serve the city. Whatever!

[*Just a note here for all you Texans: I do know about Hardin-Simmons’s Baptist Student Ministries heading up here! They’re my buds! I’m so excited!]

I promise, I refuse to get in the way of these groups’ purposes while they’re here. But I would love – where possible – to connect with them and/or connect with the local ministries they’re plugging in with.

You can email me, call me, Facebook me, or just put it in the comments. But PLEASE let me know. This will help a whole lot, and it will be neat to see this side of Collegiate Ministry – a side that plays a big annual role for a lot of us! Plus, it might be kinda neat to see how many groups are heading to the Northwest for Spring Break. Good stuff.

And of course, if you wanna come serve Seattle and explore with me, there’s still time!

Written near Willows, California

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