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As you might know, there has been an odd subplot to this whole year-long road trip. While focused on the trip, I have also been married to my seminary thesis, which will finish out my MA in Theology.

The topic? A textual difficulty in Hebrews 11:11. This difficulty is one of the real toughies – enough to fill 100 pages about, that’s for sure. Actually, my focus wasn’t so much solving the difficulty as doing a sort of “biography” of the verse and the attempts to address the tough spot. Anyway, if you’re curious and want more, there’s a link at the bottom.

But in case you’re wondering… nope, it has nothing to do with Collegiate Ministry or this trip – I get that question a lot.

Don’t get me wrong – I actually loved my seminary classes and even this thesis. It’s just tricky finishing a 100-page paper (on one verse) in the midst of moving (twice), college ministry throughout those years, running a textbook store for a while, and now taking a never-staying-long-in-one-place, year-length trip around the country. You know, the normal hindrances to finishing a seminary education.

But today I turned in that thesis. Whoop. There are still some technicalities, etc., to finish up as far as the degree is concerned. (In fact, tonight I realized the Table of Contents had edited itself, and I had to resend things tonight… Arg.) And, of course, they could reject my paper or need me to make changes. But if things work out with all that, I’ll have my Master’s soon enough. And I’ve got a load off my shoulders. Good times!

So sorry for a little bit of slowness here on the blog. Things should get better, at least after I get a little sleep. Look for a flurry of entries this week, ’cause I’ve got a lot to catch you guys up on.

For those who are nerds like me and want more info, you can download the Table of Contents & Intro here. If you’ve got other Qs, fire away, ’cause it’s kinda fun to chat about this other side of my life.

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  1. Jake

    I just looked at your thesis. You didn’t say it was 100 pages



    You can stop telling everyone it is 100 pages. We know the truth now. In print this bad boy would be 50 pages, max! Just kidding, of course. Congrats on getting this done

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