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I mentioned that my time in Los Angeles was particularly fruitful; one reason was the great college ministry colleagues I was able to meet while I was there. There are plenty of cool people out there, who care deeply about reaching collegians – deeply enough that they’re writing, networking, thinking, and acting. Good times.

One of those guys, Chuck Bomar, is the student minister at Francis Chan’s church, Cornerstone, in Simi Valley. (He’s about to head up a church plant in Portland.) Chuck is an author and speaker who’s already produced some cool stuff for our field.

Remember, I’ve bemoaned the lack of college ministry resources before. (Randomly enough, two college ministers actually mentioned that same problem to me today.) I’m thinking, though, we may be turning the corner over the next few years – and guys like Chuck are a big part of that.

Chuck also heads up the College Leader network, and their site has lots of good resources available for free or for purchase. College Leader involves several longtime college ministry-types, like Abbie Smith, who has been involved in Passion and wrote Keeping Your Faith in College. Really – this site is definitely worth exploring. So find them at Make especially sure to check out the Resources and Articles links while you’re there.

That stuff includes some things for college leaders as well as items for discipling students (including small group curriculum). Be sure to notice, too, the link to Chuck’s new 3-week “Relationships By Design” message series.

Finally, College Leader is putting together a college minister’s conference in Southern Cal., September 4th – 7th. So be sure to look at that, too!

Written from Stanford University

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