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· Quick-hit thoughts from San Luis Obispo, before I leave Thursday ·

  1. I didn’t plan on coming to San Luis Obispo before a few weeks ago. This is one of those places I only got to explore because my trip stays generally unplanned. When several Southern California college ministers urged me to check out this quaint little college town, I figured God might want it on the Itinerary. It has truly been a phenomenal stop.
  2. Like I said – I keep things unplanned. As it stands tonight, God hasn’t been abundantly clear (yet) on my upcoming schedule for the next few weeks. Please pray that I would go, do, and see according to His will.
  3. One interesting fact is that SLO (San Luis Obispo) is home to one of Campus Crusade’s biggest movements in the whole country. And it’s been good hangin’ with those guys. In fact, after attending a Cru men’s Bible study the other night, I ended up with a great free place to stay these last 2 nights with a bunch of college guys. Very cool.
  4. Something else I found out: SLO’s nickname among many youth ministers, etc., around California is apparently “the cheapest Christian education in the state.” For whatever reasons, a phenomenal Christian culture has taken root here. Much like Texas A&M in my home state, God has simply chosen to bless this public school (Cal Poly) and its many Jesus-loving ministries in a unique, widespread, school-saturating sort of way.
  5. I have so enjoyed being back in a college town. It’s been a little while – since my time in Ruston, Louisiana, I guess. I get to focus on one campus, the college town “atmosphere” is always cool, there are college students all over, it’s easier to find things (and park), and every place takes 10 minutes or less to get to. Very refreshing.
  6. It’s amazing how much you can learn about a place in a week, when you’re trying to get specific. This is certainly a grand adventure, encountering so much of this country in a non-touristy way. While I would certainly know SLO (or L.A., or San Diego, or Ruston, or wherever) even better if I spent a semester, it’s exciting that I have gotten a genuine – if quick – feel for these places and for some of what God is doing in each.
  7. Lastly, it continues to be so pretty here. California is beautiful, as many of you know, but it’s even beautiful when you’ve been here for a whole month! I look forward to tomorrow’s drive.

So count me a Cal Poly fan now. Go Mustangs.

It looks like I’m headed out in the mornin’, toward the Bay Area. So do you know the way to San Jose?

Don’t worry. My Garmin GPS will get me there.

Written from the “A-Town” house, San Luis Obispo

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