soLong, SoCal

Update alert!

Yesterday, I headed out from my temporary-but-excellent home in Pacific Palisades, California. The last 2 1/2 weeks were phenomenal, actually, and I’ll try to post about that “home” as well as some sort of Southern Cal. wrap-up soon. I should also be posting about attending Woman’s Chapel at California Baptist University this morning. I’m a boy, if you didn’t know, so it was an interesting experience. Be watching for that.

I headed east for a couple of days in Riverside, California. It’s still “Los Angeles area.” But tomorrow night, I should be headed to Santa Barbara, then beyond that on Friday to a weekend-and-more in San Luis Obispo.

At least that’s the plan tonight.

Why make the SLO my next stop? Well, that comes from another instance of God setting my steps. This time, the direction came through numerous buddies in Southern California who noted the unique, powerful ministry situation in that little college town (home of Cal Poly). I had no idea about all that.

So, in trying to watch the signs He provides, it looks like that’s the next stop as I continue up the coast.

And it’s a good thing this trip remains as unplanned as possible, so there’s room for plans like these.

I will miss Southern California. God’s blessing here has truly been amazing – and the time has been particularly encouraging, which is always nice in the middle of a year-long Road Trip.

Meanwhile, if you wanna see what I’ve been up to, the Itinerary tab is always available…

Written from Motel 6, Riverside

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  1. Just ran across your blog – I’m the College Groups Minister at Sandals Church (which meets in the gym of CBU) – too bad I didn’t catch you earlier since you were in my freaking city the day we do college groups. :)

    Next time,
    Justin Pardee

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