updates on NIU, prayer vigil tonight

A few more notes, things to pray for, links. (The last post has more.):

  • I failed to note that a whole bunch of students were wounded. That matters a lot, too.
  • The death toll, meanwhile, has risen to 6 (including the killer).
  • One news report says the whole thing was over in 2 minutes. But for the students, that 2 minutes would have felt really, really long. Then, they watched or heard as classmates struggled around them and the gunman killed himself on the stage of the classroom. Please pray for them.
  • Tonight, a prayer vigil is being held at the Lutheran Campus Ministry, which I think is on/close to campus. It’s at 10pm Central Time (which is just about right now).
  • Here is a list of churches serving the Northern Illinois University campus, via Campus Crusade.
  • Here is a list of religious organizations at NIU.
  • The homepage of NIU is now devoted to news: www.niu.edu.
  • Classes are canceled tomorrow, but it will still be a rough day. Please pray.

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