pray like crazy for NIU

As you’ve probably already heard, a gunman opened fire in a classroom on the Northern Illinois University campus today. The last thing I saw said 5 are now dead, including the gunman.

I encourage you to read up, pray like crazy for the Huskies, and support this campus and its ministries as God leads.

NIU is in the Chicago area. Apparently a non-student walked out from behind a screen in the geology class and just opened fire. Horrendous.

I was on NIU’s campus last April and will be wearing their shirt tomorrow.

  • NIU’s rolling campus alert can be found here.
  • CNN’s coverage is here.
  • DeKalb, IL (home of NIU), on Mapquest
  • For tips on what can help (and what might not help), you can start by reading about what we can learn from Virginia Tech.

[The next post on this situation is here.]

Written from Van Nuys, California

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