week by crazy week

Hopefully it’s abundantly clear that this is one busy trip! I have the opportunity every week to visit numerous campuses, college ministries, and churches. I also get the phenomenal opportunity to sit down with so many amazing new friends who are “doing” college ministry in all kinds of ways!

What a trip!

But I certainly can’t cover every event in this blog. That’s why I started the Itinerary page, to track my major “explorations” step-by-step, week-by-crazy-week. But because it can take so long to work tediously through my past journals and calendars to update the Itinerary, I haven’t done a great job with that. I’m realizing – big shocker – it might just make more sense to update as I go.

So, if you’re interested in what the beginnings of this West Coast portion have looked like, I’ve now updated this chapter of my Itinerary through yesterday. That info and the rest are all under the Itinerary tab. See it there at the top of the page? Alright, if you really need me to, I can provide another link for it.

Here you go: The Itinerary.

I won’t update every day, by any means. But I’ll aim for fairly regular – so check out the Itinerary when you can!

written from “home,” Pacific Palisades, CA

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