pray for Union U today

As some of you’ve heard, Union University got smashed by the tornadoes yesterday. No lives were lost, but the situation is apparently pretty rough. Apparently 13 students were trapped in the rubble for awhile, 51 were taken to the hospital, and 9 sustained serious injury.

Union is a Christian college in Jackson, Tennessee. A couple of well-done info blogs about their status can be found at (from the school) or (from Baptist Press).

Notice, they’re asking anybody who wants to help to wait (at least) a day. They’re spending today wisely assessing damage and strategizing. Please respect that request. I learned a lot from Virginia Tech during my time there, and one biggie was that sometimes we do a bad job of actually helping when we think we are…

If you want to see thoughts on how to minister to colleges in tough times like these and not minister “upon” them (to their detriment), I wrote about those things I learned here and then with specifics here.

And if you wanna think about how you can prepare for times when tragedy might strike your campus, I wrote what I learned about that from Virginia Tech here.


written from The Master’s College, Santa Clarita, CA

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