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How often does a a guy get to interview a college minister at John MacArthur’s church and hang with Paris Hilton in the same day? Ah, the adventures of Exploring College Ministry. Welcome to L.A.!

Really, the Paris thing was a fluke sighting on Hollywood Blvd.; I got the chance to hang out tonight in that truly peculiar place. The multi-layered sociology down there is fascinating. And if that makes me a nerd, then so be it.

The sociology of a crowd drawn by Miss Hilton is pretty fun, too – complete with fans, police yelling at jaywalkers, tree people (?), the flurry of paparazzi on-the-move the second their target drives away, and an autograph-signing superstar. Nice gal!

If you’re particularly interested, I uploaded the video to YouTube. It’s nothing much, but kind of an interesting slice of Los Angeles life. (Super Tuesday should provide another interesting California experience, as well.)

What’s funny is that just this week I was joking about putting Miss Hilton on my business card. If you haven’t seen my business / prayer cards for this Road Trip, I’ve done 2 different ones – Chicago (newspaper machines) and Boston (subway). The hope was to catch a little bit of the essence of those amazing cities.

So with Los Angeles, I figure Paris, Shia LeBeouf, and Anthony Hopkins wearing my college T-shirts would make a pretty snazzy card, right? Maybe Rick Warren, too.

So, if you’re interested in starring on my business card, Paris, I’ll even let you pick the college T-shirt to wear! UCLA? Harvard? William Carey University? You got it! And if your dad wants to hook me up with free hotel stays on this year-long road trip, that’d be really helpful, too.

Meanwhile, I can’t help but wonder what College Ministry is like in the heart of this crazy town. I plan to find out. (If Amanda Bynes was in your small group Bible study, would that be a distraction?) Really, though, they’re real people. The friends I’m staying with occasionally see celebrities at the grocery store, in church, or otherwise. They need Jesus, and that includes the college-age celebs.

I think I remember hearing that Chelsea Clinton and Kenneth Starr’s daughter both went to Stanford, and they both visited the booth for some ministry during Welcome Week. Kinda funny. Even celebrities go to college, so they need college ministry.

written from “home,” Pacific Palisades, CA


  1. Good word. Chelsea was before my time at Stanford, but I’ve heard that she was involved with Cornerstone (the college ministry of Menlo Park Presbyterian Church – the church Condi Rice used to attend). I don’t know about Ken Starr’s daughter.

  2. Ken

    That’s a great post bro! I love that you’re in LA…May Jesus show you much about college ministry here in the US…what kind of things are you seeing with evangelism among college students around the country? I believe God is leading many to study the scriptures and see that much of church today is not in line with Acts, the Gospels, etc. Stay in touch bro.


  3. Ben,

    I have some great stories about celebs at church. We’ve had Paris at Bel Air in the young adult ministry, and the papparazzi waiting afterwards….Brittany has come a lot and there was that famous incident all over the world news when one of our off duty policeman who is a security guard drew his weapon on the papparazzi outside church as he was speeding through the crosswalk….and it goes on and on. Very interesting place to do ministry.

    Anyways….I hope you got my message, but our group isn’t meeting tonight because of Ash Wednesday, so we will have to connect later.


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