cross-blogging and providence

I’ve written before (right here) about the amazing providence God’s decided to unleash through random meet-ups with old friends. As you can probably imagine, in a Road Trip full of lots of movin’ around and plenty of lonely moments, it’s phenomenal to spend time along the way with old buddies! I love all the new friends I’ve made, but people who knew me pre-August are edifying in a special way.

Elizabeth UhlesOne of the most peculiar and wonderful of these meet-ups occurred this weekend! My friend Elizabeth is in the middle of her own mission trip, traveling around the world as part of an adventure called The World Race. Shockingly, their 48-hour layover in L.A. “happened” to coincide with my first days here.

It was the first time they’d seen the U.S. since last spring. I had the privilege of laughing with, loving on, and serving Liz and several of her World Race friends! More new buddies for me, plus one great old friend.

Today, I got to blog about our hangin’ out – only not on my blog, but on hers.

So I’ll let you read the quick blog over there, since I’m still trying to figure out my church schedule for the weekend. (It’s a rather complex process, since there’s like 20 churches I want to see here in Los Angeles.)

written from “home,” Pacific Palisades, CA

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