i just can’t wait to be on the road again…

It looks like leaving day is tomorrow (Thursday).  It’s been neat to see God work stuff out (including my health) to get back out on the road in a pretty timely manner.

I can’t wait. Next stop, San Diego.

If you’re interested in receiving regular trip updates – like when I’m headed to the next city, or occasional prayer requests – you can also join the Facebook group. As I send those messages (once every week or two), I’ve had several instances where people have responded with a good contact, interesting ministry to check out, or other helpful hints. I’ll certainly update here on the blog, too, but the updates are getting rarer as I’ve got more ministry stuff to write about. The Facebook Group is also a good way to “stay with me” around the country if you can’t read the blog much.

My regular blogging should return now – back to 3 or 4 each week is the hope. Thanks for letting me slow down a bit during the break!

According to Mapquest, Dallas to San Diego is a 19-hour drive. I am consistently amazed, too, by the fact that I’ll still be in Texas about halfway from here to California. This is a big stinkin’ state.

If you think about it, please pray for my trip – that it would be…

  • well-used (you can get a lot done in the car when you put your mind to it)
  • well-directed (some of the best campus stops are the random ones)
  • safe & sound

Thanks, friends. I’ll say howdy to Sunny CA for you.

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