getting well and getting out

The flu is a bummer.

But it looks like, maybe just maybe, I’m getting over it. Which is good, ’cause I definitely need to get back on the road.

And back on the blog, too. Expect normal production to resume tomorrow, as long as I keep getting better! For now, here are a couple of major updates (and ways you can pray with me).

Next stop: West Coast?

It still looks like as soon as I can get away from Dallas (next week is the hope), I’ll head to the West Coast (starting in far southern California). However, I do ask that you pray for wisdom and direction in these few days; I’m still thinking through details and logistics of all that.

Updated: Itinerary

I haven’t mentioned it much, but the “Itinerary” link at the top of the page should actually come in pretty handy. And after one noble early effort months ago, I’ve finally edited it for Chicago and the time between Chicago and Boston. (I’m sorry for anybody from Chicagoland who I failed to include in the first draft! But you should be on there now!)

While that’s only the first portion of my trip right now, it’s still a great run-down of everything I did in the first couple of months. As I continue, look for the Boston and “Southern Blitz” portions to be filled in better and better, slowly but surely.

Getting Well and Getting OUT

Finally, please continue to pray that I’d get well. Being hit by a week-long flu is just part of the adventure of this year, but, obviously, it stinks. And it has kept me from a significant portion of the “rest and re-tooling” I’d hoped for while here in Dallas. Still, it is part of the adventure. And being bedridden (kinda) for a week does give its own sort of “rest,” I suppose.

Please pray that I would finally get well, though. And pray for wisdom and direction and TIME for all that I need to do before I head out. I’m itchin’ to get on the road, but that “feels” a long way off. Pray that it won’t be, as God sees fit.

Thanks, friends. Look for a new, more substantive blog tomorrow!

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