historic church moments along the way

For the second time this trip, I’ve had the opportunity to be on-site for a pastor’s “state of the church address” – those sermons that cast big vision (and often present major changes) for a congregation. While these moments may not be truly “historic” for Christendom at large, for the churches involved such events are the stuff of history, indeed. So I find churches’ “hinge” moments like these pretty interesting – and one of the glories of this Road Trip is experiencing these moments all over the country!

As I wrote previously, around Thanksgiving I got to attend such a service at the increasingly well-known Church at Brook Hills in Birmingham. In a rousing message, Dr. David Platt presented the church’s new “Simple Church” model – with a very heavy emphasis on international missions. Read more about that in my post over here (it’s #3 in the list). Or just jump to the church’s web page about their changes here.

Last Sunday, meanwhile, I got to hear a similarly “large” message at the First Baptist Church of Dallas. After arriving at the church last fall, new senior pastor Dr. Robert Jeffress presented his vision for 2008 and beyond last Sunday morning. The most prominent aspect of the message was the plan for enormous facilities changes – including construction of an entirely new worship center. Since the church is right in the heart of Downtown Dallas, facility changes are always an interesting proposition.

So if you’re interested in “church hinge moments” like me, you might enjoy listening to this message. The mp3 can be downloaded here, or the Real Media file is here. (Just so you know, the facilities info is toward the end of the message.)

Sorry for the lack of writing, otherwise. I’m still really sick – it could be flu. Not sure. But it’s a big blessing to be home when this hit, not out on the road. Please pray for wellness! And, perhaps, that this illness might produce superior antibodies to enable me to outlast all threats the rest of the Road Trip! Or something like that.

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