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Tree & BooksYesterday, I filled ya’ in on some new ministry-related books I got for Christmas. Hopefully you found somethin’ you can buy (or at least put on your Wish List). Here are a few more books I got as gifts this week that look interesting for collegiate ministry purposes…

This book is subtitled “Why Evangelicals Are Attracted to the Liturgical Church,” and Evangelical college students are attracted. I’ve seen several times, for example, the draw of conservative Anglicans for college students. Plus, this book looks like a fast read. Bonus!

Another interesting and short lil’ book – only this one’s about purple cows instead of liturgy. The metaphor of the Purple Cow (among brown cows) is about being remarkable. After four months of this trip, I would love seeing even more remarkableness out there in ministry, but we’ll see if there are some principles in this businessy book that might transfer to the ministry world.

  • reThink by Steve Wright
  • and, as a bonus, REVEAL by Greg L. Hawkins and Cally Parkinson (I got this before Christmas, but I figured I’d mention it)

Besides having titles that start with “Re” and contain unique capitalization, these two books have something else in common: reevaluation of well-accepted ministry practices. reThink was suggested to me by a few different friends, and it looks at the effectiveness of today’s Youth Ministry methods. REVEAL, meanwhile, is the book everybody’s been talking about – it’s the fruit of Willow Creek’s three-year tough-look at their own celebrated methods.

Yeah, neither of these books deals directly with Collegiate Ministry. But they give the chance to explore things that clearly impact our world: ministry to students pre-college, and ministry to people in the church as a whole. (reThink focuses heavily on students leaving the church during college, too.) As a bonus, we get to see the glorious process of philosophical reevaluation, which is always something we can apply to our own ministries, right?

Biographies! Of adventurers!

First, I’ve been liking me some William Carey these days. Not only did I visit the university that bears his name, I also checked out the mini-museum on that campus. Carey, the Father of Modern Missions, apparently was also an all-around learner, reformer, and sojourner. So I asked for a bio, and this is the one Santa picked out.

Second, as you may remember I ended up lost inside a different museum at Western Kentucky University (don’t ask). While there, I stumbled upon the fantastic display highlighting the unique life of Duncan Hines, who spent years visiting “hospitality establishments” around the country. Good times! As I take a year-long Road Trip exploring specific venues around the country, it’s encouraging to find somebody who did the same thing for a lifetime – and who shares the last name, too.

That’s it, reporting from my expanding library. Hope you find somethin’ helpful!

Merry Christmas and a Great ’08!

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