national treasure: map of valor

I finally was able to make a map of the trip so far! Here it is (starting and ending in Dallas):

Act I Map - Exploring College Ministry Road Trip

You can click the map to play around with it at Google. (GoogleMaps is the best. True that. Double true!)

Don’t expect exactitude here! But you can see the general route I took in Act I of this giant trip. The letters signify my “major stops,” but certainly great things happened along the way at times, too.

Key locales not noted on the map:

  • In my 6 weeks in Chicagoland (the “B” on the map), I stayed in Wheaton (west of the city). During that time, I went all over the city & suburbs – including places like Deerfield, Evanston, and, of course, Downtown Chicago.
  • During my month in Boston, not only did I get to head up to Vermont (as shown), but I went out to Amherst, Wenham, and New Britain, CT, before departing New England in mid-November.
  • After I arrived back in Dallas (“N” on the map), I did fly to Albuquerque and rode to the Santa Fe area for that conference last week. But GoogleMaps was getting stingy with adding more stops to the map.

I’ll be working on other maps! For example, I’d like to do one pinpointing the 50 campuses I’ve seen so far. So if you know any good way to do that, let me know. I’m not up on my Internet-Map-Technology…


  1. TLG

    Benson, I think you and the student ministries you are visting would really enjoy reading the new book: Brown Like Coffee. I found it at
    I loved it. Check it out and pass it on.

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