my spidey sense says it’s time for an update

Yes, Tobey Maguire’s in this update. Enjoy!

Back to Headquarters

I left on this Road Trip four months and one day ago, so it’s high time for a break-in-the-action! I’ll be spending the Winter Break at home in the Dallas area. The natural break in my trip, at a point when little is happening on campuses (obviously), allows for some much-needed evaluation, preparation, and recuperation.

After four months of Road Tripping around the Eastern U.S. (27 states and 50 campuses so far), it’s important to examine the voyage. What have I learned? What has worked well? What needs to be retooled? Where should I go next? I’ll be poring over the hundreds of Road Trip experiences so far: interviews, ministry visits, campuses, churches, and more. I’ll be working to make the blog even more helpful. I’ll be researching, praying, and thinking about next semester’s itinerary (still thinking West Coast, but we’ll see…). And yeah, I’ll be resting up a little, working on my seminary thesis, hanging with friends & fam, and spreading the word locally about my trip before hitting the road again soon…

Don’t worry – I’ll still be blogging, so please keep reading! And pass on my site to anybody who wants to – or should – think about collegiate ministry!

Prayers Answered

Thanks to y’all who prayed for me the last few days as I had opportunities to talk about the trip! I always have a blast sharing my adventure with students and fellow college ministers, and I do feel like my “official” discussion opportunities in Ruston and in New Mexico went pretty well. I got to talk about trends, adventures, fun times, and hard times – and God helped me remember trip details as people asked some great questions. Please continue to pray that, as I tell my story during this Break, God would be glorified and excitement about the field of Collegiate Ministry would grow!

Spiderman Sighting

Camp scene from Brothers being filmed Tobey Running bigger Camp Mahlus

Tobey Running

Finally, today’s update includes my most recent brush with celebrity! (Read about the first celeb here.) Before the start of our college ministers’ conference in New Mex., the college ministers and I got to watch Tobey Maguire and cast-mates finish up 2 days of shooting an upcoming movie, “Brothers,” at the conference site. The Glorieta Conference Center had been transformed into a Marine camp (“Camp Mahlus”), and from a balcony perch last Thursday, we watched setup, make-up, and shooting! So not only did we see Spidey himself, but they filmed three takes of one of the movie’s scenes – a very cool process indeed. Sure, that whole scene will be, at most, 10 seconds of the movie. But it was still pretty neato – and a fun way to finish out Act I of this amazing trip.


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