my chance to vomit; your chance to pray

I have opportunities tonight and this weekend to talk about what I’ve seen and learned on this trip so far. Hurray! (The events are Temple Baptist Church’s college ministry Bible study, “Store 23,” and a Collegiate Leaders’ retreat in New Mexico.) It will be so much fun to throw up all that I’ve learned over the last 16 weeks!

The problem, however, is that I’ve seen and learned so much in these four months – with very little time in there to process, analyze, and categorize. When I talk with people, I’m not always good “off the cuff,” and yet it’s kinda hard to prepare remarks about 50ish campuses, 27 states, and possibly 100 interviews or more. (I have a hard enough time remembering exactly what I did last week without referring to my notes. Wait. What did I do last week?)

I will spend the next few hours and then much time tomorrow and Friday replaying this trip in my mind (as best I can). But I’m gonna need not just instantaneous recall of facts (for Qs like, “Tell us about the painted swan at William Carey University”), but also instantaneous ideas when people ask unique questions. When someone asks, “What has most surprised you on this trip?,” like someone did last week, I want to be able to spit out an answer without taking 10 minutes to think about it.

So I genuinely ask for your prayers. Pray for me as I prepare for these chats, and even for the questions I’ll be asked. And please pray that as I vomit out so many of the amazing stories, lessons, etc., of this trip, that God would be glorified and people would learn from what I’ve explored!


Swan at William Carey University

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