i can’t believe i saw them all

As I was thinking about it last week, I realized just how many campuses I’ve been on. Kinda crazy, and kind of amazing. So, for the fun of it, I figured I’d list ’em.

But what list of year-long road trip campuses is truly complete without random thoughts? So I’ll write a tidbit for each – but these will be more “first thing that comes to mind” than “most important thing.” (Keep that in mind!)

Since I am in quick-listing mode, please don’t be offended if I forget your campus! I’m just letting these gush from my head, so some might not make it to the page. (I’m pretty sure I’m forgetting some, but at Christmas I’ll catch up on all this from my journals.) Just remind me if you catch one, and I’ll add it!

[I posted a list later after campus #100 – see it here.]

These are roughly in order…

  1. Evangel College. (Took a nap.)
  2. Trinity International University / Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. (Gotta love a school named TEDS.)
  3. Wheaton College. (Hangin’ in the Stupe. Lots.)
  4. Moody Bible Institute. (That big plaza in the middle’s pretty cool.)
  5. North Park University. (Hearing Swedish spoken on campus.)
  6. Judson College University. (Campus flood!)
  7. University of Illinois at Chicago. (Hangin’ out in the Inner Circle…)
  8. Loyola University. (That Ignatius of Loyola, he liked to learn stuff.)
  9. DePaul University. (I eavesdropped on one group’s Bible study ’cause I was late.)
  10. Robert Morris College. (Cool mural.)
  11. University of Chicago. (Some parts are kinda old and creaky, but in a cool way.)
  12. Northwestern University. (They tape their fliers to the ground! And they sell crepes at the food court!)
  13. College of DuPage. (Lived right across from it for six weeks. Even walked a dog over there.)
  14. Purdue University. (Saw a Christian magician.)
  15. Western Kentucky. (Understand why they’re the Hilltoppers now.)
  16. Furman University. (Home of the bald Paladin.)
  17. Bob Jones University. (Watched Literary Societies play soccer, with their own cheerleaders.)
  18. Appalachian State. (Two huge hills. And lots of milkshake choices at The Cookout.)
  19. Virginia Tech. (Ravi Zacharias)
  20. University of Scranton. (Slept in a Vistor’s spot.)
  21. Lackawanna College. (They didn’t lack the wanna to be nice in the bookstore.)
  22. Boston University. (Home of the Terriers and the Passion Regional.)
  23. Harvard University. (How many schools have archeology digs on campus?)
  24. MIT. (Home of the crazy geometric buildings. It is, after all, MIT.)
  25. [This is one I forgot when I wrote this post] Cambridge College (I attended Sunday school in a classroom!)
  26. Boston College. (Man, it’s a ways out there on the Green Line.)
  27. Northeastern University. (Homecoming king & queen karaoke. That’s all I need to say.)
  28. University of Massachusetts. (There’s some disturbing places here!)
  29. Gordon College. (Timothy George in Chapel.)
  30. Central Connecticut State University. (Most disturbing mascot. Ever.)
  31. Tufts University. (That’s right, they’re the Jumbos! Actually named after the Barnum & Bailey elephant!)
  32. Brown University. (Sex. Power. God.)
  33. Connecticut College. (Really nice security guard, for one thing.)
  34. NYU. (Is that your school or a skyscraper? Yes.)
  35. Princeton University. (Just visiting my cousin getting his Plasma Physics PhD., that’s all.)
  36. University of Maryland. (Probably the coolest center-of-campus I’ve seen.)
  37. University of Richmond. (They’re the Spiders, and this campus is in the stinkin’ woods.)
  38. University of Florida. (Toured the campus on the back of a Vespa driven by a scholarship athlete. No big deal.)
  39. Samford University / Beeson Divinity School. (One of the prettiest campuses out there. Good cafeteria, too.)
  40. University of Alabama at Birmingham. (They’re the Blazers, and a Blazer is a dragon.)
  41. University of Alabama. (Fight at the food court! -don’t worry, it was employees, not students.)
  42. LSU. (The under-construction BCM will be great in ’08! And… there’s a real tiger on campus.)
  43. Tulane University. (They’ve got some moolah, that’s for sure.)
  44. Southern Miss. (Jumbo-tron in the Student Center, eh?)
  45. William Carey University. (All the street names have to do with Carey’s life. When I die, what would I want on my street names?)
  46. Mississippi College. (They, too, have some moolah.)
  47. Belhaven College. (They, too, are the Blazers. Only this time a Blazer is a blazing guy. Or a sword. Or an orb. Not positive which.)
  48. Millsaps College. (The SMU of Mississippi, but WITH a climbable tower.)
  49. Louisiana Tech. (At midnight, the golden bulldog comes alive. Not really. But oh how I wish it was true.)

Wow, what a trip! And this is just the beginning!

It’s funny what you remember about campuses at 11:23 in the PM. Like I said, these were first thoughts, not key thoughts!

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