a funny thing happened on the way around the country…

One of the great joys of this trip are the quirky sentences God places in my story this year. There are moments – plenty of them – when “coincidental blessings” occur. Those… well, they make my day! And while there’s no need to overspiritualize here, each of these quirks means something I can very much thank God for, and I’m reminded that He’s probably smiling, too. However (in)significant these moments actually are for my future, it’s still neat grace, right?

Tonight, sports seems to be on my plate. Tomorrow, I’ll continue with random meet-ups.

1. Not exactly a fair weather fan…

Being generally a sports fan, it’s been fun to see the ways my locations have matched up so far with exciting moments in that arena. I am right now sitting in a Buffalo Wild Wings in what is perhaps the very, very best city you could visit to watch sports on this particular night, Saturday, December 1st. Care to take a guess?

After watching most of today’s LSU / Tenn. SEC Championship game with LSU students here in Baton Rouge (after the coach’s saga this weekend, too), I’m now watching #2 West Virginia losing to Pitt [yep, they lost], while on the next big screen over, we’re watching the Sooners beat #1 Missouri. If WVU and Missouri go down, LSU has a very real chance of getting to play for the National Championship – quite a unique turn of events, if you haven’t been paying attention.

Who do you think we’re rooting for in those games here? How fun do you think it is to be in Baton Rouge this weekend?

Now, true fans might not appreciate my loyalty-by-location. But I can’t help it; it’s too fun rooting for the “home team,” even if the home team changes every week.

This is also not the first ideal sports situation I’ve found myself in during this trip. Remember when the Red Sox won a great Playoff before taking home the World Series crown? I was in Boston, and seeing the Fenway area before one of those games was key. (Not to mention the fact that I was up there for a good chunk of the Patriots‘ freakish season, too.)

I got to see the World Series parade, and you better believe I bought a Red Sox shirt with Papelbon emblazoned across the back.

And then last week, I watched the “Iron Bowl” between Alabama and Auburn, situated neatly between the two in Birmingham. It was a good game and a crazy crowd there at the B’ham BWW. I rooted for Auburn, since the stranger at my table did. They won. Good times.

I got to watch LSU men’s basketball last night, which gets me thinking… Might this “ideal locale” thing continue for college basketball season? Where will I be watching March Madness, for instance? We’ll just have to see… For now, I’m getting to see these Tigers fans to go nuts… Oklahoma just won…

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