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Since it is a huge shopping weekend, I figured it was high time to offer some presents for you college ministry-types out there. Enjoy!

Ravi Z. at VT (audio): Remember that forum I got to attend at Virginia Tech? Awesome stuff, and it was great watching God work post-tragedy on that campus. Well, now you’ve got over two hundred minutes of Ravi Zacharias’s messages and Q&A from that forum. Enjoy it and/or download it right here.

Passion podcasts (audio): Remember when, right after that Va. Tech forum, I zoomed up to Boston to attend the first Passion Regional? It was good stuff indeed. Right after that, Passion put out a special podcast about the event. The next week, Passion loved on Chicago, and they podcasted following that, too. Thinking about going next semester to one of the Passion Regionals? Want to hear about what I experienced? Both of those podcast mp3s can be found, among others, at this handy site (look for “Amazing Boston” and “Chicago Rocks”).

College Ministry collaboration (web site): At Ivy Jungle, I was intro’d to a new site for College Ministry collaboration, ideas, etc. Yeah, I know, we’ve all seen plenty of ministry sites spring up over the years that… how do I say this nicely?… just aren’t as helpful as they think they are. But I’m excited about this one, in no small part because it’s connected to the Coalition for Christian Outreach.

The CCO was one of my “best finds” (and best friends) at Ivy Jungle, and I’ll be highlighting their model soon enough. This group is nothing if not a thinking bunch, which gives me great hope for the campusministry.com site. Secondly, the site’s visuals & format seem pretty solid. Check it out, and think about participating!

Resources to grow leaders (resource site): Those who know me know I’m a fan of Growing Leaders, and their presence at Ivy Jungle encouraged me to hype them once again. (Plus, they’ve got a new initiative I note below.) Tim Elmore and the bunch have produced a wide array of useful resources – books, workbooks, videos, etc. – for use in college ministry and as college ministers.

While it’s definitely worth wading through it all, here are a few highlights:

First, I sadly forgot to mention Leveraging Your Influence during my rant on the lack of collegiate ministry resources. What I affectionately call “the orange book” (part of a multi-colored series) is an excellent resource for college ministers, discussing several key aspects of collegiate ministry.

Second, I have been heavily impacted by one document over there called “Utterly Updated: The State of Students Today.” This 12-page pdf document is definitely worth the 10 bucks, as it’s packed with info about today’s generation culled from 9 different sources and the extensive research those represent. I personally think we pay far less attention to the cultural differences between this generation and the previous ones than we should; this one document will catch you up in a major way.

Finally, be watching for Onefluence, the new Growing Leaders initiative to be launched in 2008. On that note, it’s actually worth watching / hearing the “Flash intro” at the Growing Leaders site, and it ties directly to the Onefluence deal. Apparently you can join the Leadership Link email list to find out more when it’s released.

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