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Happy Thanksgiving!

I got to spend today with an “adopted family,” the Lintons, in the wonderful city of Birmingham. A great Thanksgiving.

Eric Linton is the college minister at Hunter Street Baptist Church, and I actually got to know him last Spring Break, when our ministry took a Mad Libs eBay Road Trip thisaway… In fact, I’m staying in the same motel as that trip. Good memories, and it’s pretty cool how God sets up our futures even when we don’t know what’s coming. (What’s a Mad Libs eBay Road Trip? Check out that post here.)

It certainly has been cool to make connections like that. Even though this one came pre-trip, I’ve found amazing friends all over the country this year, too. I’m very, very proud to be in their ranks. So many great people are “throwing their lives away” in this incredible investment called collegiate ministry.

It’s a good time to be in Alabama, as we prepare for the Iron Bowl between ‘Bama and Auburn. Who will I root for? I dunno. Probably depends on whomever I’m watching the game with, but I do have a cool Auburn jacket, so if it’s cold, then I guess I’ll be an Auburn fan. This weekend is a wonderland of games, as I watch Aggies and Aggies and Alabamans.

A few more notes from the road…

1. In 1958… my Road Trip states would equal half of the total of states. Having entered Alabama, I have now achieved my 24th of the trip. By the time I “dock” for Winter Break, though, I should have at least 5 more on the list, which counts for half even with the statehoods of Alaska, Hawaii, the State of Lincoln, New York City, and more. Can you believe it? I’ve been in 24 states since August! What an adventure.

2. Connections… have thrived since I arrived in Birmingham. It’s been a great week of aptly-scheduled interviews – particularly amazing since I didn’t know I was coming ’til Saturday. God’s provision is amazing like that.

3. But… the busyness of the last few weeks (since mid-Boston, actually) has created a pretty overloaded Benson. Please pray that more and more, I’d know how to balance this trip. As you can imagine, stability and balance can be tricky when on a year-long road trip – especially when I’m trying to accomplish as much as possible. Even being smart about what I eat, I’ve found, affects my day-to-day life more than I realized.

This holiday is providing a rather “forced break,” which is a good thing, and I’m finally back in the land of Super Wal-Marts, making the food-shopping a little easier. But I appreciate prayers. God’s got wisdom about road-tripping, and I need it.

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