the plan is b’ham

After leaving Orlando this afternoon, I’m somewhere in the Florida Panhandle, and I wanted to write a quick note about my next Road Trip destination! (By the way, the next time you make a brief stop at the University of Florida, I recommend a Vespa-tour given & driven by a scholarship athlete. It’s really the only way to go.)

As those in the Road Trip Facebook group already know, I’ve happily received direction about the next stop and a somewhat new “method,” as well. (Those quick kinds of updates are a good reason to join that group!)

My next “exploration” will be in Birmingham, Alabama! But it’s also looking like that visit will be the first stop of a Southern “blitz” through several different areas over the next four weeks.

Funny enough, I had already been thinking about & leaning toward Birmingham for several days now, as some of you knew. But I learned years ago that a good guess is still unsurety; God is perfectly capable of helping me know what’s best when – and if – He wants me to know. So despite a rather strong desire to know details of my itinerary as early as possible, my conference‘s scant free time (and some of the “doing stuff” time, too) was spent praying about this next step.

What’s cool about God’s direction (and lack thereof) in this case is that, by making me wait – and therefore making me seek Him some more – God gave not only the answer but some additional wisdom about why Birmingham is a good next spot. I’ve seen Him do that before: Sometimes, as I seek, He gives a surprising “what” that I hadn’t thought of. But other times He gives a new “why” for a “what” I was already considering. Is the “why” less important than the “what”? I doubt it…

So for a what, or a why, I’ve got to be willing to wait.

Previously I was thinking about exploring only B’ham and maybe one other “home base” over the next few weeks (for lots of good reasons, which I’ll fill you in on soon). But as I prayed and thought, God showed me the rather short time remaining in this semester is a really good time to try exploring ministry via a different, “blitz” method. I’ll check out the ministries I can (particularly some specific ones), while slowly working my way across a geographical area (in this case, a few southern states). I’ve already been thinking about “blitzing” the West Coast next semester; now I get to see how it works before I make that decision.

My description of this whole “ordeal” of waiting for God’s wisdom may not make an awful lot of sense in just 482 words. But I did want to highlight that God has answered our prayers about what’s next for my exploration. He’s good at this Road Trip stuff, indeed.

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