go on a road trip! you meet attractive models!

I made it safely and soundly and sleepily to Florida! I’m right in the middle of the Ivy Jungle Conference here in Orlando, but I wanted to send an update – and let you know what you can look forward to shortly here at the Exploring College Ministry blog…

As for the models mentioned in the title, I have indeed encountered quite a few unique models for collegiate ministry over the past several days – at the end of my time in Boston and just in the first day here. (That’s part of the glory that is Ivy Jungle.) I can not wait to highlight these for you. Soon enough, I’ll be describing these key models I’ve “met” on this trip.

The conference, as expected, is superb.

I’ve already gotten to hear Lauren Winner, Os Guinness, Steve Moore, and Tim Elmore speak. Charles Gilmer, President of The Impact Movement, is speaking right now. All pretty phenomenal stuff. Winner, in case you haven’t heard of her, is becoming a very popular Evangelical writer among the collegiate crowd – a particularly interesting Evangelical, as she’s a prof at Duke, Anglican, and a convert from Judaism.

We just watched a new “long trailer” for Ben Stein’s “Expelled” movie that got me even more excited about the movie than I already was. (This is a Michael-Moore-style conservative documentary focusing on the suppression of Intelligent Design arguments from academia.) I got to meet one of the promoters here, too, and the RV tour of campuses should begin soon. I encourage you to check out the site linked above.
I wanted to update on my trip down here, too, because I had asked for prayer. Thanks for your prayers.

It was pretty long driving – especially the second day. But I did get to drop into NYC to see NYU (and to drive in Manhattan – how many of us Southerners ever actually drive a car in the middle of Manhattan?). Surviving that, I moved on to Princeton University and got to hang with my second cousin – a plasma physics grad student at Princeton. (Wow.) Then, I saw U of Maryland, partly to think about what stops I might make next semester (D.C. is looking like a distinct possibility). And, joining the growing number of incredible moments of hospitality, I got to board at my friends’ house in VA.

You might not expect it, but Virginia to Florida is quite the drive indeed. So except for a stop at University of Richmond (it’s in a forest), I faced all drivin’, all day. I was still pretty sick. But I made it south of Jacksonville (cool people call it “Jax”), slept 4 hours, and drove on feeling better-than-I-should-have-by-God’s-blessing to an interview in Winter Park (exploring one of those interesting ministry models I was telling you about). Then on to the conference in Orlando.

God blessed in the trip, in phone conversations, in thinkin’ and praying. It was a good trip, even if there was no “shocker” along the way. Now, I’m excited about the warmth, the palm trees, and the sleep. And I feel like I’ve made a billion ministry friends here at the conference.

And that means right now I’m in the middle of a great conference. So I’ll blog more if I can, but it could be tricky. I need to pay attention to this great stuff, so I have something to blog about!

Keep prayin’ for where I’m going before Christmas. God hasn’t made that clear. Yet.

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  1. Ben, I’ve been catching up on your adventures. If you’re driving up and down the east coast and need a place to rest in NC, we would love to have you. We’re in Durham still. Just drop me an email!

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