no clever title when i’m sick

Alright. It’s my last night in New England (I’m in New London, Connecticut, in fact). Tomorrow, I head south.

And I’m sick, which is starting to be a real pain. Runny nose and eyes and lips. Well, my lips aren’t running. But my lips DO hurt real bad, which would be true even if it wasn’t a Napoleon Dynamite quote.

I don’t mean to get all super-personal, but I do like to ask for prayer occasionally. I really do appreciate y’all who read this blog, and I hope that we can enjoy this trip together.

That being said, we’ve reached another critical point in the trip. So here’s some ways you can pray if so inclined…

1. Direction in the short-term. Monday and Tuesday (and maybe Wednesday morning), I’ll be making my way down to  the Orlando area. These drivin’ trips – the most “road trippy” part of this whole Road Trip – are unique times to see random campuses, think and pray a LOT, and even relax on the drives. But God likes directing even in our “interims”, and I don’t want to miss whatever He has for me this week – whether it be stumbling upon some awesome ministries to enjoy or just takin’ it easy and contemplating what I’ve learned. So please pray for wisdom as I head southward!

2. Direction in the slightly longer-term. After the Ivy Jungle Conference this week, I don’t really know what’s next for this trip (before taking a break near Christmas). That’s the fun of this trip, and I’ve left it open-ended very much on purpose. Now we all get to pray for the next points on the map to get filled in. There are lots of things I could do… But still, let’s pray for this one!

3. Good conference! Ooh – speaking of the conference, I’d love for you to pray for a great Ivy Jungle Conference, too. It’s a great chance to learn and to connect with some cool ministers.

4. I’m still sick. Surprisingly enough, as I get to the bottom of this blog, I’m still sick like I was at the top. So please pray for that. It’s a real drag, and could make driving 2 days particularly annoying. I’m not dying or anything, but it’s still somewhat miserable.

Thanks, friends! I don’t wanna take this trip alone – the whole point is to travel together to see what God’s doing in college ministry!

Lots more bloggin’ to come soon, I promise, including more things learned in Boston.


  1. Ginny Hunsucker


    even in the midst of your sickness you still seem to have a sense of humor…i appreciate that…

    i used your “i’ll give you 29cent” bit tonight…thanks for that piece of material

    ill be prayin for your miserable-ness to cease

    Fyi—-so jealous you’re on the east coast..i miss it!

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