a week in the life

Here’s a window into what my “normal” life looks like on this ridiculous Road Trip. I figure for those following me, it’s helpful to know what things are like – and maybe it helps with the prayin’, too. I do appreciate ALL your prayers!

It’s also pretty great to see God hooking up some amazing opportunities on this trip. I am so thankful for so many people who have let me get a look into their lives and ministries. Awesome people and many new friends.

So, here’s a week in the life…

I woke up last Saturday in Vermont.

In the 7 days since then, I’ve come back from Vermont, then trekked out again to Amherst, to Wenham (twice), and to New Britain, Connecticut. (I’ll be back in CT tomorrow.) Plus, navigating Boston is a trek in itself, with plenty o’ walking every day. And, you’re inside the earth a good portion of each day. How many people can say that?

I’ve been on 8 campuses this week, as best I can remember: MIT, Tufts, Gordon, BU, BC, Central Conn. State, Northeastern, and Harvard. Apparently, some of those are fairly well-known schools.

I’ve attended 4 church services in this week – in 3 states. (They were varied enough, with an 8:15am EARLY service, 4pm service, service at a church’s “second site” Sunday night, and a Thursday night house church.) I also got to attend chapel and a lecture at a Christian college, a church staff meeting at a Panera Bread, and part of a church’s missions conference.

After the 4pm church service (on the way to the “second site” church service), I ran into an old friend from Dallas days, right in Downtown Boston. Good times. In fact, God hooked up the random run-ins with lots of friends this week (mostly new, Bostonian friends, but it’s very cool that I’ve even made friends here). One day, I ran into most of the MIT students & workers I know within 30 minutes on their campus. In a big city, it’s amazing the ways paths still cross.

I’ve been in 4 states in the last week.

I’ve also had some GREAT chats / hang-outs with collegiate ministry people this week – including two Boston City Directors (of the Southern Baptist Collegiate Church Planting Community and Campus Crusade for Christ – lots of Cs in those names)… 2 senior pastors… 6 other church ministry-types… a campus minister and her students, the Dean of Chapel at Gordon College… And I also got coffee with that old pal that I ran into in Downtown Boston.

I sorta met Timothy George. I hung out with a former international baton-twirling champion. I met with the insurance guy about the break-in. I met a girl in the early chapters of of her Jesus-adventure and watched Jesus love on her through His words about His life & love, right there at church. That same night, I saw the most hideous college mascot imaginable, and that’s all I can say about that. I ran out of gas this week, and then with some restarts made it to the Mobil. Barely. I walked all over the city today – and am presently sitting right behind the Catamounts’ bench at an NU / Vermont hockey game. Crazy.

Though this week is my last week here in New England, this kind of packed schedule is fairly par for the course. Like I’ve already mentioned, my Chef picks the ingredients; sometimes lots of ingredients go into a meal, and that’s this Road Trip so far.

Don’t worry, I’m keeping a pretty good journal. I’m also working on getting a running itinerary up-and-going – but, as you can see, time is at a premium. And while I certainly can’t blog about everything or even most everything (because I would die and you wouldn’t read it), hopefully the occasional run-down like this gives you an idea that I am actually doing a few things on this trip!

I gotta watch this hockey game. We’re tied 2-2. Catch ya’ later.

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  1. I read the blog often Benson, just wanted you to know we are praying for you back here in Texas. I must admit I am envious as I read of all the things God is allowing you to see and do on this trip. It is awesome to see how God is working across the US through your journey.

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