pop-locking, road trip style

Pop-locking is a dance. (Go ahead, read the Wikipedia entry. You know it’ll be interesting.)

Lock-popping is similar to that, only with less dancing and more breaking-and-entering.

Sadly, my day began with finding my Pathfinder with its driver’s side lock popped out – and short one new printer and one OLD laptop computer. No good.

Apparently, in all the intrusion-excitement (which, you have to admit, is a special sort of excitement), my car also had a heart attack, because the battery is now dead. Which makes it a lot harder to do any lock-fixing until I get it drive-able.

Truthfully, this is more praise than prayer request: They didn’t get the car, which is a VERY good thing. And the things they took aren’t too terrible or too expensive. (The laptop wasn’t the one I regularly use, tho’ it did have a few things I hadn’t transferred over yet.) As I’ve mentioned before, we don’t use cars too much here, so I’m okay on that front, too.

This trip is about adventures, and I can entrust myself to the God of the Road Trip – even when the twists make me a little car-sick.

If you do wanna pray, though, please just pray that I’d find time to deal with all this, as I finish out Boston with a pretty full schedule. Of course, you can pray that my stuff would miraculously be found. Also, I will need my car Monday and Tuesday… Finally, this event is a bummer, even moreso because on this Trip my Pathfinder is “home base” in a very real way, alternately serving as suitcase, transport, and bed. And now it’s been infiltrated. So maybe praying for my encouragement would be good. Thanks for your prayin’.

The adventures continue. Good or bad, they make for a blog! This isn’t the first time a Road Trip has been hard on a Ben Hines automobile – maybe I’ll tell you that story sometime.


  1. Erin Hines

    What is it with us and crazy car happenings? Really, though, I am sorry about your car. That stinks, but I’m glad they didn’t take much…or the whole car.

    P.S. Bill is standing right here and wanted me to tell you that “Your uncle says he is sorry.”

  2. Karen

    Oh man! At least you have an awesome attitude. I am praying for you. Stay safe. I also loved all your analogies with the food and Chef on your latest blog…that really made an impression on me.

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