Notes from the Front: Northeastern University

Things I have learned about Northeastern:

  • The school is all about co-oping during one’s college career (one of their real distinctives)
  • Therefore, they tend to run 5-year degrees
  • Therefore, they have not only Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors, but also… Middlers. Right there in the middle, as you might imagine.
  • I met a Middler the other night, and he happens to be on Co-op right now. The ultimate Northeasterner!

Now a few quick notes:

1. Ivy Jungle Deadline. If you’re at all interested in attending Ivy Jungle in a couple of weeks in Orlando (and if you’re a college-minister-type, I hope you’re at least interested), deadline for the cheapest ticket is Wednesday, Nov. 1st. So avoid the All Saints’ Day rush (?) and order now! The speaking lineup is phenomenal, but getting to see the screening of a movie THREE MONTHS ahead of your friends may be reason enough…

2. World Champs. It has been phenomenal being in Boston during the home team’s come-from-behind in the Playoffs and subsequent SMASHING of some upstarts from Denver in the last few days. Jonathan Papelbon is crazy, red shirts are out in force, and everyone here can now go back to getting a good night’s sleep – since these games tended to end past midnight on the East Coast. I did get to see the “rolling rally” today, outside the Park Street “T” stop in the tightest crowd I’ve ever been smooshed in. Good times.

The pics below (click to see ’em) are a car presumably damaged in Sunday night’s celebration (notice the hood, windshield, and top); my vantage point of the rolling rally (I was standing on an inclined railing coming up from the underground; hanging on for dear life); 2 more pics of Papelbon; and some policemen out there today. The last 3 pictures were taken by my buddy & present landlord Blake Thomas, who was at a way better spot on the route. And who plans to dress as Papelbon tomorrow for costume day at work.

Car damaged in Red Sox celebrationJonathan Papelbon & Crowd - by BenJonathan Papelbon #1 - by BlakeJonathan Papelbon #2 - by BlakePolicemen at Red Sox rally - by Blake

3. Precluding the Car. If you ever design a city and would like to keep people from driving cars in said city, talk to the guys who planned Boston. They clearly looked ahead to the environmental leanings of their descendants and cut off any possibility that the mighty automobile might easily roam this land. I learned this firsthand on Sunday, as I drove to one church here in Boston and then to another and then to Hope Fellowship (where they’re graciously allowing me to park my car). A Mapquest is worth a thousand words, so look simply at the last leg of that short trip and its directionful complexity right here (I count 13 turns in only 5.39 miles). At one point that day, I promise you, the street actually banked, although how you would ever confuse these crazy roads with NASCAR is beyond me.

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