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Howdy, friends. I figured it was about time for an update on my Boston life. And ways you can pray for me (if you wanna), at the bottom.

Plenty so far

Lest you worry, I’ve already had plenty of opportunities for “real” Road Trip activities – meaning those things that tie directly to the purposes of this Trip! Today, for instance, I had 2 great back-to-back chats with a college minister and then a pastor of a collegiate church plant. Besides a few more interviews, I’ve gotten to attend several church services, college Bible studies, the 25th-anniversary Annual Meeting of the Greater Boston Baptist Association, and of course campuses, too. BU, Harvard, BC today, Northeastern last night – complete with homecoming queen- and king-nominee karaoke. (Huh?) I’ve got lots more planned already, and the schedule gets added to daily. That’s a good thing.

The pics are at Fenway (read below) and Park Street Church. (Has your church been around for 200 years?) Click ’em to view ’em.

Fenway LightsFenway OutsidePark Street Church Sign


As in Chicago, I have been magnificently blessed to have the hook-ups on housing.

In this case, my friend Blake (from my days in Abilene, Texas) and his friend Stephen have been letting me crash at their place. A comfy, wide couch, which I appreciate. Meanwhile, parking (which is always at a premium up here) has been made available at their church – Hope Fellowship. (The hospitality of this church is no surprise for the many who have mission-tripped it to Boston in the last few years.) I’ve already had good times with many of the Hope Fellowship guys and gals, and it’s pretty neat to have a sort of “church home away from home” while I’m here.

It’s been neat to see God provide me with housing through His people, and to this point, it’s 3-for-3 in my major stops.

And the City

It’s a superb time to be in Boston, I write as I’m watching the Bo Sox pound on the CO Rocks. We got to brave the Fenway area during a game the other night – definitely fun to see the crazies and eat real thin pizza and watch the game closeby. The subway has become standard and sensible for me, although not having a car means I have to carry a pretty heavy backpack a lot. It’s getting cold-ish, and it’s really pretty up here, as you can imagine. Lots of colors. I had Korean food today, for maybe the first time in my life. Adventures!

I’m noticing that the subway lifestyle in fact gives plenty of Bostonians some “margin” in daily life. There are at least two times in the course of a day – the commutes to and from work for many residents here – where one is completely at the mercy of the “T.” For me, that may happen several times in a day as I traverse the city. And I think it’s a good thing. When you can just hop in a car and go somewhere – even with traffic jams and such – there are always things you can be doing, so we fill our lives to the margins. But when I have to wait for a train and then ride that train, both of which require little from me… Then I’m able to think, or maybe read, or pray, or even rest. Margin. Sometimes I need it forced.

People here, I’ve noticed, aren’t quite as worried about punctuality, and I’m sure this is all interconnected!

Your prayers really do mean a lot

If you have opportunity, please continue to pray for me. This is a different kind of adventure, for sure, and it’s a blast – but not always easy at the same time. Please pray…

  • That I would continue to make good connections with people here, with mutual blessing.
  • That I would find & enjoy community, even as a year-long sojourner.
  • For wisdom / obedience to accomplish all I need to here – which includes working hard, and then resting hard when that time comes.
  • For direction on where to go after Boston (and when to leave here). While I do plan to be at the Ivy Jungle conference by the 14th, I still need to decide how close to that time I’ll leave here. And post-conference, I have nothing set in stone.

Thanks, friends!

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