Boston Boston

I made it to Boston safe and sound – and just in the nick of time, after some 18-wheelers apparently dumped diesel all over the highway outside of Hartford, CT, and we sat for a good hour and a half. After a long day driving from Pennsylvania, I was excited He would provide punctuality still.

God was good in His provision there, but that wasn’t the end of it. He’s already begun providing the hook-ups – connections with new friends and old friends who are involved in exactly what I’m looking at here. I ran into no less than 4 key people last night at Passion who will be big helps. And that’s on top of having a place to stay provided by a friend from my Abilene, Texas, days.

I would say these kinds of unique providences are “few and far between,” but they’re really not right now. God’s grace has been abundant on this trip.

More soon. I’ve got Passion all day today, but things should return to normal shortly.

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