Notes from the Front: Virginia Tech

Before I leave for Boston tomorrow, I wanted to write a quick update on the life & times of Benson Hines. It’s been a crazy week, for sure. I’m writing from the TV room at the Virginia Tech BCM, which is pretty neato in and of itself. Enjoy.

1. The Mid-Stop Glory. It’s been really neat how God’s engineered some great “mid-cities” time in these last two weeks. Between Chicago (ending Oct. 1st) and Boston (beginning Oct. 12th), it’s been quite a ride. As I wrote last week, I got to spend some cool quick-trip time at

  • Purdue and
  • Western Kentucky. Then it was an outstanding
  • Catalyst Conference, which I will definitely be reviewing soon. Then, if you remember, I didn’t even know about this week until last Friday – I thought I’d be in Boston by Sunday. Instead, I ended up in
  • Greenville, South Carolina on Friday night. So Saturday meant a
  • Furman game and chatting with Brooks, the college minister at Taylors First Baptist Church. If you feel like that’s a church you’ve heard of, it might be because it’s the pastorate of the president of the Southern Baptist Convention. So I got to go hear
  • Frank Page preach on Sunday mornin’, and then Sunday school was spent with the college ministry. So what comes after that kind of morning?
  • Appalachian State, of course. After their amazing win over Michigan on my birthday, I knew I had to visit at some point. So I hung out in Boone, NC, Sunday night and Monday morning. Then, on to
  • Virginia Tech, as Ravi Zacharias has spoken powerfully in the midst of a still-processing campus, post-tragedy. Which, by the way, has been an absolutely amazing experience. I’ll be covering this soon – but you’ll have to give me some time to work through it. The weight of this experience has been nearly overwhelming at points.

Yeah, it’s been crazy. But it’s actually been kinda nice to have some quick-moving variation in-between the “major stops.” God is good, and He knows what I need. He’s the God of Road Trips, as I’ve mentioned. :)

2. Upcoming Bloggin’. Soon, I’ll be blogging on Catalyst Conference and the experience at Va. Tech, as mentioned above. I’ll also be covering the first Passion Regional Event from Boston. Beyond that, though, I hope to spend some major time tweaking the blog. Maybe you’ve noticed the “Itinerary & More” section up top – this should actually have some real stuff in it soon enough. Not only will it have a pretty detailed list of what I’ve done (and what I’ve got planned), but I’ll be adding some fun stuff in there, too.

Okay. I gotta go to sleep, ’cause I’ve got some major driving to do tomorrow. Feel free to pray for that!

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