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Ravi ZachariasHey friends – I’ll update on my rather whirlwind tour of South Carolina, North Carolina, & Virginia soon. But first, I wanted to ask again for your prayers for Virginia Tech this week. Multiple college ministries have joined to bring Ravi Zacharias and his associate, Joe Boot, to speak at a forum this week, “Finding Answers Amid Life’s Greatest Losses.”

I’m including the prayer list below that is being used in 24-hour prayer leading up to the event. I have the immense honor of hanging with the Baptist Collegiate Ministries here next to campus, including staying in their guest room. That means I’m right down the hall from the 24-hour prayer, which is pretty cool and which I got to take part in last night.

I know you might not have the time to work through this whole list (although that would be awesome), but if you can, please glance below and find a few things to pray for.

For info on Ravi, his visit, and the Virginia Tech tragedy of April 16th, check out the post from a few days ago. There are further links there if you want to know even more.

For a brief schedule of the 4-part forum, click here. (Each of the 4 sessions is in a different venue for a slightly different audience.)

If you’d like to download the prayer list in a one-page Word document, you can download it here. Otherwise, just keep reading…

Prayer Points for Zacharias and Joe Boot at VT: Oct. 9-11, 2007

Ravi & Joe:

  • Ravi’s and Joe’s hearts and minds will hear from the Lord as they prepare to come
  • Their health and travel will be protected
  • Ravi’s voice will be strong and will hold up each night
  • They will get the rest they need between nights

Invitations & Logistics:

  • The word about the meetings will reach those who are grieving, looking for answers
  • Those who have been personally invited will give priority to these events and attend
  • Christians will accompany those whom they have invited
  • Students, faculty & staff who want to attend on Tues. will be able to get inside Burruss Aud.
  • Parking will not be a problem
  • Many members of the VT administration will attend

During the Meetings:

  • Ravi and Joe will sense God’s presence and liberty to speak and to answer questions
  • The Lord’s Spirit will be moving in everyone’s hearts during the meetings
  • The Lord’s peace will hover over each venue
  • Those who have been skeptical will be willing to consider Ravi’s/Joe’s points
  • There will be no unnecessary delays, disturbances, or distractions
  • People will listen attentively, and that the Holy Spirit will work in each one’s heart
  • Ushers, et al. will be able to interact with each person graciously and wisely, especially those who want to pose questions
  • Those who didn’t get to voice their questions in the Q&A time will have opportunity to do so afterwards
  • A lot of interest will be generated after Tuesday night so that many more will attend on Wednesday

After the Events:

  • Everyone will fill out the response cards honestly and expectantly
  • Believers who have brought someone(s) will be led by the Lord in sharing afterwards
  • The follow-up team will know how to distribute the response cards
  • Those who follow up individually will have the Lord’s wisdom and grace in making contact
  • Those expressing an interest to meet with someone will make it a priority to get together
  • There will be enough mature believers available to follow up with everyone
  • Strong relationships will develop between seekers and follow-up team members
  • Ensuing individual and group studies will be appropriate for each seeker
  • These on-going interactions will lead to a personal knowledge of Christ in many lives
  • Individuals who profess Christ will be received into fellowships/churches on campus/in town

In the Big Picture:

  • Seeds will be planted in many lives that will eventually bear fruit for Christ
  • The cooperation among the churches and campus ministries will continue afterwards
  • Churches and campus ministries will experience the Lord’s transforming power to save, heal, restore, and build up His children’s lives
  • God will graciously usher in a work of revival among His people
  • The unity that Jesus prayed for (Jn. 17) will become a reality among God’s people here
  • The culture at VT will change, and that it will be known, not for the tragedy of 4/16, but for the work of God in our midst!

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