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Va. Tech ribbonAs a few have you might have seen in an article yesterday, Ravi Zacharias will be speaking on “Finding Answers Amid Life’s Greatest Losses” at Virginia Tech this week. Bunches of college ministries are joining to bring him there.

In case you’re at a loss, this is the campus that experienced unspeakable tragedy last semester. You can see CNN’s full report here.

Seeing God at work on college campuses is what my trip is about, so I’ll be stopping in Virginia on the way to Boston. I have experienced campus tragedy myself, when our Bonfire fell and killed 12 students my Sophomore year at Texas A&M. God’s work there was substantial, and He was still on duty last semester, across the country, in Blacksburg, Virginia. I look forward to hearing about all He’s done since then – and watching Him work through Ravi this week.

This may be the first major “trip adjustment” (since I’d planned on driving straight to Boston this weekend), but…

A. This is so minor an adjustment – just a few days, with a negligible detour – that it’s barely worth considering it a change.

B. There will be more adjustments on this trip.

C. As I’ve said to many of you, I purposely keep this trip flexible. That’s vital on any good Road Trip, especially when we want God to be Pilot and not just “co-pilot.” He sets the agenda. I just write it down.

D. My problem with adjustments will not be a willingness to make them but an awareness of the ones I can make. YOU can help me all year, by letting me know about things you hear about on any campus, in any church, or otherwise. I can’t make it to everything – but I want to know about as much as I can! (Even if I can’t be there, I can still “explore” – and let others know about events.) I’ve already had the opportunity (a couple of years ago) to road-trip overnight to see a Revival in Kentucky. I am always willing to drive across the country. :)

Please read that article and pray for us through Wednesday night. I’ll keep you posted.

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