at Catalyst, being catalyzed

I’ve made it to HotLanta (actually, Duluth) and am in the middle of the Catalyst PreLab… so blogging will be interesting. But I just wanted to send a quick update on the conference and my trip here. Later today (hopefully), I’ll post one of the most important posts of the trip so far – looking at college students and church involvement from the perspective of Wheaton College students and faculty…

1. Western Kentucky and Cake Mix. Purdue was Monday’s bonus campus stop; Western Kentucky University was yesterday’s. Very cool campus. Their mascot is the Hilltoppers, and rightly so – the winding drive around the top of campus is worth taking if you ever end up there. Great cafeteria, with surprisingly excellent pizza – and Mountain Dew, which always helps a campus win my affections. So now I’ve officially been to WKU, complete with its red towel tradition and this blob dude.

As I was leaving, I got lost in the Kentucky Museum looking for a restroom. I was a little annoyed, until I ran across the Duncan Hines display (the guy, not just the brand). Good for pictures, and you’ll see those soon. But it wasn’t just that we share a last name that intrigued me – I got excited learning about this fellow Road Tripper whose name is on the cake mix only because he learned about hospitality around the USA by experiencing it first-hand. Hopefully I can do that a bit this year, only in the collegiate realm.

2. Catalyst on the Horizon. I really didn’t know that much about this conference before I signed up. For instance, I really thought it was a sorta-secular leadership conference organized by Christians, with strong Christian overtones. Apparently not – this is truly a “Christian Leadership Event.” So that’s fun (not that the other would have been bad, either). I also found out, while listening to the special “Catalyst Road Trip Podcast,” that this conference, while doing things with excellence, certainly doesn’t take itself too seriously. So that’s fun, too.

What I also didn’t realize very well is that Catalyst is very much about exposure – exposure to thinkers and ideas and problems right now in the church. It strives to be cutting edge and, as best I can tell, is. Right now, for instance, Joiner’s talking about rethinking the church to better impact kids and youth. Solid stuff.

I’ll definitely wrap it up when we’re done here – although you’ll probably have to wait ’til Monday, since I’ll immediately set out for Boston on Friday afternoon. I’m looking especially for how this thing could influence collegiate ministry. And if you’ve got questions, feel free to ask ’em.

As I attend, please pray for me – to get everything I need out of this conference, and also to “catch up” on some other things. And pray for us “attendees” – there will be many thousands here, and we need to be open in our learning and yet directed in our focus. Please pray, too, for the speakers, because nobody’s excellence for the Kingdom is automatic.

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