Notes from the Front: Purdue University

That’s right, I left Chicago last night around 10pm Central. Today, I find myself in a new time zone, a new state, and a new T-shirt (today’s is Texas A&M). Sorry for the lack of blogging, but successfully leaving Chicago has had me pretty busy – and driving isn’t so conducive to blogging.

But I do have some breathing room on the trip to Atlanta (where I’ll attend Catalyst before heading up to Boston at the end of the week). So today I got to stop at Purdue University. Neat campus, and it’s proud of its Engineering abilities (who else calls their newspaper the Exponent and yearbook the Debris?).

Apparently, a 2 1/2 hour campus visit is long enough to experience quite a bit of college ministry, too…

Right off the bat, I got a flier from Campus Crusade for The Maze, a couple of illusionists performing tomorrow night at Purdue. Once I started paying attention, though, I realized the advertising campaign was pretty extensive. Eventually, my walkin’ around campus got me offered fliers at least 5 times, while dozens of bright orange shirts were out in force.

The Maze

But better than all that was the illusionists David Blaine-ing across campus: walking up to students and “wowing” them with a little trick right there on the spot, before inviting them to tomorrow night’s show. I saw this multiple times as I wandered. At one point, I heard yelling from across the campus, and the ring of students made it look like a fight had broken out. Oh no – just a great card trick. Or levitation. I got conflicting reports.

But where I was standing, a bunch of students started looking when they heard the yelling – which, I suppose, is the idea. This stuff will be great for word-of-mouth over the next 2 days.

I really appreciate great advertising by ministries, so good job, Cru.

Random Event #2 was getting invited by a Christian student to lunch – so you’ve got to appreciate that. We had a good chat about the ministry – and spiritual potential – he sees at Purdue U. Good chat, and it’s good to make a friend, especially when it’s completely out of the blue.

So when you get a second, pray for Matt and his ministry at Purdue. And pray for The Maze, Purdue Cru, and the illusionist-outreach tomorrow night. “Illusionist evangelists” aren’t a brand new idea, but it looks like these guys are doing a great job of promotion and may be unique in their focus on college campuses.

So that’s what you get from a couple of hours at Purdue. Good times.

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  1. Jon McCord

    Shoot! If we woulda known, we could have hooked you up with some prime gaming-buddy goodness at PU. Glad you got to see the Boilermakers at home.

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