Peter Akinola comes to Wheaton; pickets expected

Tomorrow I plan to attend the multi-church service among Anglican and former Anglican churches, to be held at Edman Chapel on Wheaton‘s campus. Peter Akinola, Anglican Primate of Nigeria, is speaking. [The follow-up post is here.]

Peter¬†AkinolaThe reason this is a “big deal,” besides the fact that Akinola is a major church leader from Africa, is that is helping lead many conservative Anglicans in the US to realign away from the Episcopalian Church, particularly over the issue of homosexual affirmation & ordination. Time Magazine considered him one of the 100 “People Who Shape Our World” in 2006, too. (Here is that short article.)

Besides the quick Time bio, you can read a great article about Akinola’s visit here, which I actually got a copy of when I visited Church of the Resurrection a few weeks ago – in preparation for Akinola’s visit. (Church of the Rez is part of the conservative Anglican group AMiA, while a similar group called CANA is more directly connected to the Nigerian Church.)

If you want a full, secular report discussing this visit in light of the surrounding issues, read the Chicago Tribune’s article here.

Please understand – I don’t know nearly enough to be an “Akinola supporter” (or detractor). I’m just watchin’, particularly because this impacts the Wheaton campus. According to the school newspaper, Church of the Resurrection receives more Wheaton students than any other church besides College Church (which is next door to the campus). Akinola will speak in chapel Monday, too.

Tomorrow, there are supposed to be protesters here. And, since Wheaton’s school newspaper covered the service (and protests) yesterday, there will probably be a lot of students “just checking things out,” too. And a Benson.

But even though this is interesting, we can pray for it, too.

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