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Sorry for the lack of blogging this week. As I wrote in the last post, it’s been a decently-full week, for sure. But that means lots of interviews & other explorations, which is what this trip is about! Good times!

The big news today, however, is that it’s official… I’m headed to New England next! By way of Atlanta.

(Maybe I should say it’s “semi-official,” because very little on this trip is ever set in stone.)

Leaving around Sunday, September 30th from Chicagoland, I’ll head to Atlanta for the Catalyst Conference I wrote about a while back. I plan to report on my experiences there, especially as they pertain to collegiate ministry. Then, after boldly facing early-fall southern heat in the ATL, I’ll head back into the colder north at the end of the week. (Weather has been a big bonus in Chicago, let me tell you.) Boston should be the home base of the New England portion of my year-long trip, and I’m excited.Passion Regional - Boston

Things I’m hoping / expecting for Boston and its environs (and a little of what you can expect to hear about):

1. Attending the Boston Passion Regional event, and letting you guys know how Passion Regional Conferences look (there are 6 in the USA this year). Along with this, of course, I get to explore how New England college ministries use this event within their ministries.

2. Looking at one newer method for reaching college students – the “collegiate church plant,” which has gained ground in Boston in particular.

3. All those colleges, obviously. And the ministries that connect to each of them.

Harvard Yard

4. Exploring a land where cooperation often trumps “lines” in the realm of Christian collegiate ministry.

5. If a major vacation spot is a “tourist attraction,” is a regular draw for mission trips (sometimes designed to “save” or “fix” the city) a “curist attraction”? A “purist attraction,” maybe? In any case, Boston is on the receiving end of a lot of mission trips – some wonderful, some less so. I look forward to hearing about the good, the bad, and the ugly in this area of ministry, to help us all be better at this kind of service.

6. Obviously, lots, lots more. But those are the things I’m thinking about today!

Thanks, everybody, for all your prayers and support. Chicago has been awesome – and I still have a week to go! Hopefully I can feel you in on some of what I’ve found in that time, too!


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