some days will wear you out

Alright. Today I woke up in Wheaton, ate breakfast with a Southern Baptist pastor in Elgin, went to chapel at an American Baptist college (where we watched a video from an Emerging Church leader), “interviewed” the director of University Ministries at an Evangelical Covenant college (back toward Downtown Chicago), attended a college ministry Bible study at a non-denominational church founded by D.L. Moody, and then went to a student-led Bible study at a school also found by The Dwight. Then back to Wheaton, where I’m staying with Presbyterians. And when I got here, we talked for a little bit about a Lutheran collegiate discussion we attended last night.

Diversity can wear you out.

It’s been a good day, but there’s been a lot of this-kind-of-good days this week. And I really don’t know how to handle them. By that, I mean I’m realizing how much I need God’s wisdom in this area. I hope He’ll teach me that this year – how to survive and thrive within really long, hard, tiring days.

And, yes, I realize my “really long, hard, tired” is nothing compared to many people’s “long, hard, tired” – probably even many of those reading this blog. But my days are what they are, and I look forward to learning how to live with wisdom when the body is sleepy. If you think about it, that’s definitely something you can be praying for, because this is wisdom I’ll need all year long.

Tonight, I start by not taking the time to add links to this blog. Sorry about that. But it can be a brain teaser for you – all those colleges and churches can be deduced pretty easily, based on previous blogs and such.

Time to sleep. I’m headed to chapel at an Evangelical Free college in the morning, so I need to get some rest. :)

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