the weight of heritage

This afternoon, I had the privilege of attending regular, large group meetings of both Campus Crusade for Christ and InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at UIC. It’s crazy to know that I shared that experience this week with literally thousands of students on hundreds of campuses around the world.

But not only this week. IV and Crusade have impacted collegians since 1877 and 1951, respectively. So two little “large group Bible studies” carry with them a weight of heritage that far outweighs what might be assumed by the casual observer. And there’s more, even just this week.

Sunday, I was at The Moody Church‘s morning service. Since 1858.

I’ll be at Moody Bible Institute in the morning, for chapel. Since 1886.

I got to see the Billy Graham Museum at his alma mater, Wheaton College, on Saturday. Since 1918 (him) and 1860 (it).

There are times – like this afternoon at UIC – where I realize a little bit of the weight of this heritage, of schools and ministries and churches that have impacted people since long, long before I was born. And before you were born, too.

We may debate methods and hope for innovation and even have reason to do so sometimes. But it’s a great thing to spend this year applauding the longstanding, and learning of those people and places that have impacted for generations.

(If you want to join the applause, you can start by clicking on the links – most of which link to the histories of these tools of God.)

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