Notes from the Front, at Judson University

“Notes from the Front” gives me a chance to fill you in on recent trip events & observations, while I’m enjoying the day at an institution of higher learning. In this case, it’s Judson.

1. Days Like These. If only every day was like yesterday… I drove into Chicago (the UIC area) to meet with Nathan Carter, pastor of Immanuel Baptist down there. We had a great chat, complete with hot chocolate, in their very cool urban-loft-style meeting space. Then, it was back to Wheaton, for the Ministry/Church Fair, which quite providentially led to an impromptu interview with the college pastor of Church of the Resurrection, Keith. After that, off with my buddy Jon to his Old Testament Theology class, taught by the amazing Dr. Block (at least three of his commentaries are back home). It is profoundly significant to have such great times with individuals from very different denominations, ministry positions, and discussion topics – all as part of Christ’s Kingdom!

2. Shirts. A few of you know about this, but just about every day on this trip I’m wearing a different college T-shirt, picked up from my various travels, campuses where I’ve served, etc. Today it’s NIU Huskies, but most aren’t local – it’s just luck of the draw each day. I’m just a big fan of college campuses, being a college minister and all (though I still bleed maroon, and I got busted in the comments for my Texas Tech shirt just last week). But my Oklahoma shirt met with a huge response yesterday. “Are you from Oklahoma?” was the question of the day, all day long! And then I have to explain things, and go into everything, and I feel like an idiot. But that’s pretty normal. :)

3. Pants. I already mentioned the weather, but today is the first day I’ve had to wear pants because of the temperature. (I actually should have yesterday.) Right now, my computer is telling me it’s 77 here, and that’s at 3pm. So like I said, the weather’s getting awesome – it might hit low 40s at night in the next couple of days! (10-day Chicago forecast here.)

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